Nadine Denjean is a French contemporary painter. 

After studying music, she pursued a career as a musician in various French orchestras.

Her passion for the arts guided her towards painting, becoming her new means of expression. 

Her work is an invitation to an emotional and sensory journey.

The resources of music are essential component in her creative process.. Chromatic harmony, tonal diversity, black and white are like notes placed on a graphic score. Colors and shapes blend to express a rich palette of emotions.

In her portraits, her favorite subject, she explores fundamental human emotions, translating intangible feelings into images, inviting the viewer to connect with their own emotional experiences.

While Nadine Denjean primarily uses acrylic paints and pigments mixed with mediums to create rich and varied textures, she also incorporates materials such as oil, India ink, dry or oil pastels, charcoal, gouache…

Her artistic style is characterized by a unique blend of gestural expressiveness and precision in composition.

In a world where emotions can be so complex and abstract, Nadine Denjean's art reminds us of the importance of connecting to our deep humanity.